The predicament of humanity and the present condition of nature call for creative and imaginative resources for transformation. The Asian Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies believes that such resources are continuously generated through dialogue and understanding among peoples and cultures, and through a process of mutual learning. The domain of knowledge and research should facilitate this process. In particular today creation of knowledge and research should be oriented to promote the weaker sections of humanity and to heal the wounded nature.

    Our objectives:

  • To contribute through study and continuing research to the dialogue and understanding among cultures at national and international levels
  • To promote inter-disciplinary studies and researches in issues of ethical concern in different areas of contemporary life
  • To highlight through study and research the cultural resources of marginal peoples and groups
  • To engage in cultural studies empowering women and other subaltern groups
  • To foster researches contributing to the development of creative thinking and alternatives for the well-being of the humans and of nature.